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Here are some real-world examples of how Quality Assurance Accelerator has transformed businesses across various industries. Explore these success stories to see how our tailored solutions have resolved critical challenges and driven remarkable improvements in quality, efficiency, and cost reduction.

Success Stories


Dev-Only Company

✓  Sanity Automation suite created from 0
✓  QA Strategy creation and implementation

✓  Kanban methodology refurbishing

✓  Test Plan and Test Documentation creation

✓  Deployment Plan and Deployment order

✓  Workflow lifecycle improvements

✓  Team velocity improvement

✓  QA trainings and best practices implementation

EV Rental APP

Blur1 (1).jpg

✓  Complete flow Automation suite created
✓  QA Strategy creation and implementation

✓  Test Plan and Test Documentation creation

✓  Agile methodology implementation

✓  QA team creation (hire + training)

✓  Definition Of Done creation

✓  CI/CD pipeline implementation

✓  Multiple environments creation (dev/test/stage)

fintech start-up


✓  Create the JD's for the senior testers
✓  Find the best match in our team

✓  Assigning 5 QA experts (10+ years of experience each) 

✓  Test Plan and Test Strategy creation

✓  QA team specialized training

✓  Sanity Automation creation and integration with the current CI/CD pipeline

✓  Team activation when needed.

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