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The Quality Accelerator Program is a comprehensive initiative by QAA designed to optimize and boost every facet of a tech startup or company's product development process. It focuses particularly on improving delivery rates and product quality. Here's a closer look at its multifaceted approach and how it operates:


The FOCUS phase of the Quality Accelerator Program spans the first 30 days, focusing on auditing your current practices to establish a Quality Score, refining your development operations, and implementing strategic tools and testing to enhance product quality and market readiness.


The GROWTH phase of the Quality Accelerator Program runs from day 31 to day 90, focusing on accelerating development pace and growing release frequency.The result is a stronger focus on innovation, setting the stage for robust growth and an expanding customer base.


The Quality Score is the North Star metric guiding all product development teams. You need it because it pinpoints inefficiencies in product development processes, especially critical during growth phases and offers practical solutions across business functions and departments. You'll receive a clear quality roadmap, highlighting your current position and specific steps to efficiently reach your full potential.

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Release fast, release better using the right methodologies, tools and processes.

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A precise metric for assessing your Product Development process.

Clear Red Flags to follow up on and improve

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Generates a roadmap to guide you back onto the Quality Track.

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The rush to launch new versions delays crucial quality updates, risking customer satisfaction and product integrity. 



Turn developers' time into your

number one priority

When your developers are in the fixing mode you are losing money. A robust quality strategy will accelerate your business and get you to speed safely.

Get 80% test coverage in just 2 months and generate custom automation reports.

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Monthly reports at a click of a button

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Own your testing coverage and focus on vital flows.

Live status for each test run with clear metrics.

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Sustain your product growth with a solid Automation Testing Suite

Ignoring quality at a crucial stage will lead to increased costs. Identifying product issues early in the development process promotes long-term growth through budget savings, team availability, and drive towards ambitious goals.

Promote long-term growth through budget optimization

Cost of Bugs

Let's accelerate quality together

We will get in touch shortly!

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