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Hey there! We're the team behind Quality Assurance Accelerator, and we've specialized in QA for over 17 years. That's right, we've seen tech grow up, and we know just how tricky the digital world can be.

Like you, we aim high and want to see tech projects excel, free of bugs and glitches. Why be 'good enough' when you could exceed expectations? That's where we come in.

Our experienced team is dedicated to ensuring you don't just meet quality standards, but totally smash them. Whether your project is large or small, complex or straightforward, it deserves to be the best it can be. Think of us as your behind-the-scenes support, ensuring everything runs seamlessly. Are you ready to elevate your project?

Our Vision


Founder/Chief Executive Officer

Dragos Toma

Having spent more than 17 years in the QA sector, Dragos has consistently pursued excellence in every role he's undertaken — be it as a tester, senior tester, test lead, infrastructure specialist, or QA Manager. Driven by a strong desire for knowledge, he engaged in numerous activities focused on refining the testing process and enhancing his project and department management skills. Throughout his career, Dragos's central focus has always been on delivering high-quality solutions. His keen ability to continually innovate and adapt, coupled with a profound understanding of customer needs, underlines his expertise and dedication. This commitment to quality and a desire to bridge the gap between QA solutions and startups' unique challenges inspired him to found the Quality Assurance Accelerator. Under his leadership, the company stands as a beacon for startups seeking tailored, top-notch QA strategies that resonate with their vision and objectives.
Dragos holds a University degree in International Business. His academic journey closed with a thesis focused on startups, titled "Startup: Idea - Implementation - MVP - Investors.". This educational foundation gives him an advantage in aligning quality assurance strategies with broader business goals.

Boasting an impressive 14-year tenure in the QA industry, Alex has been the technical cornerstone behind many successful projects. His journey is marked by a combination of hands-on experience and innovative technical skills. Known as the "technical brain" of the team, Alex has an innate ability to dissect complex challenges, ensuring that every solution not only meets but also exceeds industry benchmarks. His depth of technical knowledge and passion for problem-solving made him an obvious choice as a co-founder for Quality Assurance Accelerator. Beyond his technical expertise, Alex's collaborative spirit and ability to communicate complex technical concepts in relatable terms have made him an invaluable asset to both clients and team members alike. Joining forces with Dragos, Alex brings a synergistic blend of technical expertise and strategic insight, ensuring that QAA remains at the cutting edge of QA solutions for startups globally.

Co-Founder/Chief Technology Officer

Alex Negru

The Team

Under the experienced leadership of co-founders Dragos and Alex, Quality Assurance Accelerator is backed by a strong network of industry experts. Our diverse team includes seasoned testers, automation engineers, test managers, and agile specialists, among other QA professionals. Their collective expertise guarantees that every project we undertake benefits from a wide array of skills, knowledge, and forward-thinking QA approaches.

And don't forget: No Juniors!

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