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Company Type: A promising startup revolutionizing the electric vehicle industry through a subscription-based web app.

Trigger: Navigating the challenges of a startup, our client confronted a critical problem - an escalating number of customer complaints about billing discrepancies within their subscription service. More than 70% of these complaints were related to incorrect billing.

What the client wanted:

No more bugs in production.

Improvement of the billing process.

Creation of a testing team.

The Challenge

First contact: After receiving the request, a QA expert with 17 years of experience was assigned to the project. A meeting was set for the following day with the CEO of the start-up.

The meeting: In addition to the bug-related challenges infiltrating the production environment, our expert also pinpointed certain organizational and workflow inefficiencies

The Audit: In order to calculate the Quality Score, our experts will need access to the processes of the company. During a 3 day period, multiple meetings with the Project Manager, the Development Lead and the CTO, took place.

The Quality Score: One week after receiving the first email, the Quality Score and the Strategy to improve it were ready.


The Strategy: Had 4 pillars that involved a multitude of changes and improvements: 

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The Strategy

The contract: 10 days from the initial request we have signed a contract to implement the suggested Strategy.

Approach: Given the complexity of the implementation, the Client had a QA Manager and a Test Lead assigned for the entire period to implement the strategy, hire the QA team and train them.

Timeline and Results: In 12 weeks the Strategy was in place. The Start-up had a team of 4 testers, a new workflow and a sanity automation suite integrated with the newly created CI/CD pipeline. 

The Implementation

Shortened Time-to-Market: Faster development cycles and quicker version releases for competitive advantage.

Innovation Acceleration: Developers had more time to focus on innovation and creative feature development instead of having to fix bugs all the time.

StabilityA clean deployment pipeline connected with the new Automation suite.

QA Team Synergy: The newly formed QA team quickly established a harmonious working dynamic, contributing to better QA outcomes and company-wide productivity improvements.

Cost-Efficient Operations: The establishment of a dedicated QA team resulted in a significant reduction in post-release bug-related costs, translating to substantial overall savings for the company.

The Outcome

Let's accelerate quality together

We will get in touch shortly!

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