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Company Type: Dev only company focused on Test Driven Development, with multiple clients around the world.

Trigger: For this specific project, the client expressed significant dissatisfaction with the number of bugs making their way into the production environment post-deployment. Furthermore, users of the app identified a staggering 90% of these bugs.

Solutions: When the company came to us they already had a list of solutions in mind:

Developers need training to enhance their QA task performance.

Bugs shouldn't make it to production moving forward.

If a bug manages to reach production, the team should identify it before any client notices.

The Challenge

First contact: After receiving the request, Tom, one of our QA experts was assigned to the project. A meeting was set for the following day with the CEO and the CTO of the company that approached us.

The meeting: During the meeting, Tom found out what are the pains of the company and drew out some new problems that were not so clear from the beginning.

The Audit: In order to calculate the Quality Score, our experts will need access to the processes of the company. Tom had multiple meetings during a 3 day period with the Project Manager, the Development Lead, the CTO, the Expert Developer assigned on the project and with a representative of the end-client.

The Quality Score: 10 days after receiving the first email, the Quality Score and the Strategy to improve it were ready.


The Strategy: Had 4 pillars that involved a multitude of changes and improvements: 






The Strategy

The contract: 14 days from the initial request we have signed a contract to implement the suggested Strategy.

Approach: Given the complexity of the implementation, the Client had a QA Manager assigned for the entire period.

Timeline: In 8 weeks the Strategy was in place.

The Implementation

Predictability: The Agile methodology and new internal organization made the workflow smoother and more reliable.

Delivery Capacity: With a new QA Strategy in place the developers were freed up to develop new features instead of only fixing bugs.

StabilityA clean deployment pipeline connected with the Automation suite.

Happy Client: Zero bugs making it to production.

Cutting Costs: The costs and resources needed to develop new features went down in just 2 iterations after going through the Program.

The Outcome

Let's accelerate quality together

We will get in touch shortly!

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