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Provide startups with cost-effective access to top-tier talent and specialized skills on an as-needed basis, enabling lean operations while maintaining high standards of innovation and execution.

Quality Assurance Manager

Ideal for startups and cost-conscious companies seeking expert QA guidance without the full-time expense. Our service includes the development of QA strategies, test documentation, and the creation of specialized QA teams. We also set up test environments and lay the foundations for an Automation Framework. Crucially, our Fractional QA Manager is available on-demand, ensuring you only pay for expert services when needed, keeping your budget in check while guaranteeing quality excellence.




Expert Product Owner

This service empowers your team with expert product ownership, including vision setting, roadmap planning, and backlog prioritization. Our Fractional Expert Product Owner also plays a pivotal role in aligning teams and stakeholders around common goals, ensuring smooth product development cycles. Available on-demand optimizing your budget while driving your product toward success.

Quality Assurance Team

This solution provides you with an experienced QA team ready to implement best practices in testing, ensure comprehensive coverage, and maintain the highest quality standards for your product. Tailored to your project's specific needs, our team is available on a flexible basis, allowing you to scale your quality assurance efforts up or down as required.

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