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Creating and managing a QA department is no small feat. Not only are there substantial financial implications, but there's also the intricate task of navigating the dynamics of team assembly, training, and direction.

This is where QAA comes in. With a focus on cost-effectiveness and optimal resource usage, our program is versatile enough to fit businesses regardless of their scale.

Your own QA department 

We build a custom QA department for your business that activates only when your projects require QA involvement.

We create the QA Strategy so you don't have to

Our experts will create a complete QA strategy in 4 weeks covering: Scope and Objectives, Testing Methodologies, Resource Allocation, Risk Assessment and Management.

We hire and train the QA experts

After closely examining your project's requirements, we'll craft specialized QA roles based on specific experience criteria, conduct the interviews, and assemble a team precisely tuned to your project's needs.

What they test is what you pay

Depending on the QA strategy, the testing resources will be activated only when needed. This way, you will only have to pay for active QA services. 

Free up your developers for new features

Empower your developers to focus on innovation rather than getting buried in bug fixes. Our program ensures they'll appreciate the change.

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