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Your startup is moving slowly because of frequent product releases compromised by quality issues.

Achieve significant product quality uplift in just 2 months.

The Quality Accelerator is a strategic program designed for startups aiming for product velocity.

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Unlock strengths and refine weak spots with our patented Quality Score Audit, designed for transformative growth

Boost productivity and ensure consistent quality with our Automation Framework, designed to prevent degradation across iterations

Join the Quality Accelerator Program to enhance your product's reliability and functionality as features expand, leading to increased user satisfaction and fewer customer complaints







Build your startup on a strong foundation with the Quality Accelerator 90 days Program.

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10                 30                  60                  90

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10                  30                  60                  90



A program specially tailored for the objectives of your company.


Access to top experts with +15 years of Quality Assurance experience.


Keeping your budget under control with the Quality Accelerator Program.


Work with experts who will build a holistic QA strategy, rather than just focusing on testing.

  • What is the Quality Assurance Accelerator Program?
    We understand the greatest enemy of founders is time. Within 2 months you will get a strong quality process to support your product development growth phase: Planning and Analysis: this is the initial stage where the Quality Assurance Accelerator's team (QAA) comes in to understand the requirements of the product. It involves auditing the processes and defining the scope, objectives, and criteria for Quality Assurance activities. For you, this means aligning Quality Accelerator's program with your product's unique features and user expectations. Receiving Your Quality Score: this is a proprietary product of Quality Assurance Accelerator company, engineered to deliver significant improvements in tech startup performance. It stands as a testament to our commitment to excellence and deep understanding of tech industry demands. Designing Test Cases: the QAA team develops test scenarios and cases based on the requirements. This step is crucial for ensuring that all aspects of your product are thoroughly tested for functionality, usability, and performance. Test Environment Setup: before testing begins, QAA's team sets up the necessary environment, which includes hardware, software, and network configurations. For you, as a startup, it's important to have a flexible and scalable test environment that can adapt to rapid product iterations. Test Execution: this is where the actual testing happens. QAA's team executes the test cases and records the results. Any defects or issues found are logged and communicated back to the development team. For you, quick feedback loops in this phase are vital to accelerate product improvements. Defect Fixing & Re-testing: developers work on fixing the issues identified. QAA's team then retest the product to ensure that the fixes are effective and haven't introduced new issues. This iterative process helps in refining your product continuously. Final Testing and Implementation: once the product meets the quality standards, it undergoes a final round of testing before being released. For you, this phase is critical as it ensures that your product is market-ready and offers a great user experience. Post-Implementation Review: after the product is released, it's important to review its performance and gather user feedback. This helps in identifying areas for future improvement. Throughout this process, it's essential for startups to integrate Quality Assurance practices deeply into the product development lifecycle. This ensures that quality is not an afterthought but a continuous part of your product's evolution, helping you build a robust and reliable product that meets your customers' needs. Once the process is set, you will see 80% of product improvement from one iteration to another.
  • How can the Quality Accelerator Program benefit my business?
    Integrating our Quality Accelerator Program into your startup can significantly enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of your product development, especially for a Series A or growth-phase tech startup. The Quality Accelerator Program is build so that your startup will not only enhance the quality and reliability of your product but also significantly reduce the time and resources needed for testing. This integration leads to faster product iterations, improved customer satisfaction, and a stronger competitive edge in the tech market.
  • How do I know the Quality Accelerator Program works?
    Our objective is to deliver based on performance key indicators determining the effectiveness of Quality Accelerator Program. We have developed a proprietary tool, the Quality Score that will encompass the efficiency of various aspects within your startup, particularly focusing on the delivery rate. We focus on: Key Performance Indicators (KPIs): Defect Detection Efficiency: measure how effectively the Quality Accelerator Program identifies bugs and issues before product release. A higher rate of defect detection typically indicates a more effective QA process. Cycle Time Reduction: monitor the time taken from the start of Quality Accelerator Program to the release of the product. Our Quality Accelerator Program will reduce this cycle time, allowing for quicker iterations and faster time-to-market. Test Coverage: assess the extent to which your test cases cover your codebase and functionalities. Comprehensive test coverage ensures that more aspects of the product are evaluated for quality. User Satisfaction: Post-release feedback and user satisfaction scores can directly reflect the quality of the product. Positive feedback correlates with our successful Quality Accelerator Program. Process Evaluation: Integration with Development: Examine how well the Quality Accelerator Program is integrated with your development cycle. Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) practices, where Quality Assurance is a part of the regular development process, typically yield better results. Adaptability and Scalability: our objective is to deliver a flexible process to adapt to rapid changes and scalable as the product evolves. Automation Use: the extent and effectiveness of automation in the Quality Accelerator Program is a significant indicator. Automation can speed up repetitive tasks and free up resources for more complex testing scenarios. Feedback Loops (our favorite): Internal Feedback: regular feedback from the development and product teams about the Quality Accelerator Program can provide insights into its effectiveness and areas for improvement. Client/User Feedback: Customer feedback, especially regarding issues or bugs, can indicate the effectiveness of the Quality Accelerator Program in real-world scenarios. Benchmarking: Industry Standards: our processes and outcomes are aligned with industry benchmarks and best practices. Competitive Analysis: adapting to the Quality Accelerator Program will put you ahead of your competitors. Continuous Improvement: Retrospectives and Reviews: Regularly review the Quality Accelerator Program to identify areas for improvement. This should be an ongoing effort, adapting to new challenges and technologies. The before and after evaluation: You will receive the Quality Score after we audit your processes and product development efficiency. A unique and improved Quality Score will be delivered after implementing the Quality Accelerator Program. This is how you will see the impact of the program in your product development process.
  • What are the main outcomes of the Quality Accelerator Program?

    The Quality Score (QS): At the core of our Quality Accelerator Program, your unique QS guides our approach from the start. It identifies key improvement areas, selects effective methodologies for your product, and enhances your development cycle. The QS isn't just a metric; it's pivotal for evaluating your startup's efficiency, nurturing growth, and boosting cross-team efforts. This benchmark is essential in shaping a streamlined, growth-focused environment within your startup. Requirement Analysis Enhancement: Our Quality Accelerator Program will automate the analysis of product requirements, ensuring a more rapid and accurate understanding of customer needs and business objectives. We will also help in aligning quality benchmarks with these requirements, setting a clear direction for the Quality Assurance process. Optimized Test Planning: The test planning process will become more efficient. We will suggest optimal test strategies based on historical data and predictive analytics, ensuring comprehensive coverage while minimizing redundant or unnecessary tests. Automated Test Case Development: Our Quality Accelerator Program will automate the creation of test cases, significantly speeding up this phase. It can generate test cases that cover a wide range of scenarios, including edge cases, ensuring thorough testing of the product. Rapid Test Execution and Real-Time Reporting: The Quality Accelerator Program will execute test cases at a much faster rate than manual testing. It will provide real-time feedback and detailed reports, allowing for quick identification of defects and areas for improvement. This immediate feedback loop is vital for agile development environments. Efficient Bug Fixing and Retesting: Once issues are identified and addressed by the development team, the QAA team can quickly retest the product, ensuring that fixes are effective. This rapid turnaround is crucial for maintaining development momentum. Enhanced Regression Testing: We can efficiently perform regression tests whenever changes are made, ensuring that new features or fixes do not adversely affect existing functionalities. This automated process saves significant time and resources. Advanced Performance and Load Testing: Our Quality Accelerator Program will simulate a wide range of load and performance scenarios, providing insights into how the product will perform under real-world conditions. This is crucial for ensuring scalability and reliability. Streamlined User Acceptance Testing (UAT): We will facilitate UAT by automating the creation of user scenarios and test cases, ensuring that the product aligns with user expectations and requirements. Proactive Release and Post-release Support: Post-release, our QAA team will continue to monitor product performance, gather user feedback, and identify any emerging issues, allowing for quick resolution and updates.
  • How do I know I need to implement the Quality Accelerator Program?
    Recognizing the need to implement the Quality Accelerator Program in your tech startup involves assessing various aspects of your product development and business goals. Here are the main indicators we've identified while working with our clients showing that it's time to establish or enhance the Quality Accelerator Program: Increasing Complexity of Your Product Feature Expansion: As your product grows in features and complexity, the risk of bugs and issues increases. A structured QA process helps manage this complexity. Integration Needs: If your product integrates with other systems or third-party services, robust QA is essential to ensure these integrations work seamlessly. User Feedback and Customer Satisfaction: Customer Complaints: Receiving frequent bug reports or negative feedback from users about your product's performance or reliability is a clear signal. User Experience Concerns: If users find the product difficult to navigate or encounter usability issues, our Quality Accelerator process can help identify and address these problems. Market and Competitive Landscape: Industry Standards: Certain industries (like fintech or healthcare) have higher quality standards due to regulations and user expectations. Competitive Edge: In a competitive market, the quality of your product can be a key differentiator. Effective Quality Assurance processes ensures you meet or exceed industry benchmarks. Development Challenges: Frequent Releases: If your development cycle is rapid, with frequent releases, our Quality Accelerator Program ensures that this speed doesn't compromise product quality. Resource Constraints: Startups often operate with limited resources. Quality Assurance helps optimize development efforts by reducing rework and ensuring that new features don't break existing functionalities. Business Growth and Scaling: Scaling Up: As your startup grows, the Quality Assurance process needs to scale accordingly to maintain quality standards. Investor and Stakeholder Confidence: Demonstrating a commitment to quality can bolster investor and stakeholder confidence in your product and business model. Technical Debt and Maintenance: Existing Bugs: Accumulation of unresolved bugs can lead to technical debt, making future development slower and more costly. Maintenance Overhead: If maintaining your product is becoming increasingly resource-intensive, it's a sign that a more proactive Quality Assurance approach is needed. Security and Compliance Data Protection: For products handling sensitive data, Quality Assurance is critical to ensure security and compliance with relevant regulations. Legal and Compliance Risks: Non-compliance with industry standards and legal requirements can have serious consequences, making Quality Assurance essential.
  • What is the Quality Score?

    The Quality Score: Central to Our Quality Accelerator Program Our Quality Accelerator Program is designed around a pivotal element - your unique Quality Score (QS). This QS isn't just a number; it's a comprehensive evaluation of where your startup stands in terms of product quality, process efficiency, and overall readiness for growth. From the outset, your QS serves as a guiding beacon. It allows us to pinpoint precisely the areas of your product and processes that require enhancement. Understanding your QS enables us to tailor our approach, choosing methodologies and strategies that align perfectly with the needs of your product and your team. But the Quality Score is much more than a starting point. It's an ongoing measure of success and efficiency. As we implement our Quality Accelerator program, we continuously revisit and reassess your QS. This approach ensures that the improvements we make are not only effective but also sustainable and scalable, fostering a culture of growth within your organization. The real power of the Quality Score lies in its ability to streamline efforts across various teams in your startup. By having a clear, quantifiable measure of quality, teams can align their objectives, work more cohesively, and drive the product development cycle forward more efficiently. The QS becomes a common language, a unified metric that everyone, from product to developers and also marketing teams, can understand and rally around. In essence, the Quality Score is the heartbeat of our Quality Accelerator Program. It informs every decision, guides every strategy, and measures every outcome. It's how we ensure that the work we do together not only elevates the quality of your product but also empowers your entire startup for long-term, sustainable growth.
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